Team Building

Team building virtuosos! We are specialists in building strong teams since 2003, having worked with more than 200 domestic and international companies, from 10-1000+participants. Our expert staff will carefully listen to your corporate goals and custom your team building event with a strong mix of cerebral, physical and fun challenges strengthening key competences with a creative flair, genuine enthusiasm and flawless implementation. The result of our passionate work is an out-of-the-box team building event organized in any location you choose in Greece with absolute success

"You may discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." Plato
Team Building


Team building mystery! Your team has “done it all”? Expect the unexpected with this unconventional team building event that will challenge your team in creating an unforgettable outing. Destination is a surprise…. But to get there your team will have to make it through three sets of challenges. Interested to know more? Drop us a line +30 210 7250625


Group Size: 10-100
Time: 2-3h
Key Competencies: Flexibility - Teamwork - Problem solving

This event is fully customizable to suit your available time, budget and corporate goals. You may opt for add ons such us hands on cooking and pop up bubble bar.

Chocolate project


A yummee team building challenge guaranteed to keep the whole team involved into the process. Shop your goodies from the Sweet store, make your super strong chocolate cement and compete to build the most fabulous chocolate and candy sculpture. The team with the most amazing sculpture in terms of appearances and taste will be awarded with a chocolicious award!

Group Size: 10-100
Time: 2-3h
Key Competencies: Strategy - Teamwork - Time management

A professional Pastry Master to guide you through the challenge and perform a masterclass.

summer camp throwback


Learn through play and become a kid again, participating in an unforgettable adventure filled with fun and action and enhancing group dynamics through an ideal combination of physical, cerebral and fun activities in our unique sports and recreation venue offering ideal indoor and outdoors outdoor facilities. Ideal for large groups


Group Size: 10-500
Time: 2,5-4h
Key Competencies: Teamwork - Communication - Creative thinking - Trust

A custom concept and story line script tailored for your company and including activity customization to promote your corporate values and reflect your corporate culture.

Mission Briefing


Unlike traditional escape rooms, our Pop-up concepts allow us to bring all of our materials to your office or the venue of choice. The Pop Up escape room is the ideal tool for gamification (using games to trigger behavior). While participants are engaged in the activity flow and having fun we may work on skills development or their behavior under pressure.

Group Size: 10-100
Time: 1,5-2h
Key Competencies: Communication - Problem Solving - Team work

Fully custom script according to your goals. We may focus on several group dynamics, e.g. herd behavior, work under pressure, time management etc.

photo rally


Unfold your team’s creative flair and surprise us with the most innovative approach. Teams come up with a script and a storyline inspired by a classical movie and select the suitable props from our pro vestiaire. Each team hits the road with the goal to pick the right hotspots and shoot a collection of spectacular pictures depicting their story and adds an inspired quote. Photo collections are presented to our panel of photographic judges who vote for the winner!

Time: 2,5-3h
Key Competencies: Creativity - Time Management - Strategy

A custom concept and story line script tailored for your company and including activity customization to promote your corporate values and reflect your corporate culture. Map game +vehicles to spice it up!

drum circle


Uplift team spirit and be united under a common rhythm. Our drum circles guarantee to offer a liberating and euphoric experience, which spontaneously transforms individuals into a well - tuned orchestra as each one relies to the other for ultimate and harmonic performance.

Duration: 75 min
Group size: 30-400
Key Competencies: Cooperation - Flexibility - Interaction

meet the greek spirit


Take an authentic taste of Greece while rotating around a selection of original challenges inspired by Greek culture and combining tradition with a contemporary flair. Participate in ancient temple construction, kompoloi making, syrtaki dancing and many more activities to lift the team spirit. Ideal for international summits held in Greece.

Duration: 2-3h
Group size: 10-300
Key Competencies: Teamwork - Flexibility - Creativity

Hands on Mediterranean Cooking contest, Tonga Party and Syrtaki flash mob!

minute to win it


Get everybody involved and have great fun to MTT minute to win it challenge, inspired by the international game show. Challenges use everyday household items in a creative and fun way that sky - rockets team spirit

Duration: 1,30-2h
Group size: 10-300
Key Competencies: Flexibility - Strategy - Fun

Scavenger Hunt in Athens historic center


A fast paced and fun filled navigation challenge, which triggers individual skills and abilities while highlighting group strengths and weaknesses. Each team gets a special mission to fulfill and check points to hit within limited time frame. A perfect way to explore the most charming part of city and interact with locals while answering cryptic puzzles and putting time management and leadership skills to the ultimate test.

Duration: 2-2,5h
Group size: 10-60 max
Key Competencies: Time Management - Leadership - Creativity

Segway ride, Instant Cameras, phyllo pastry opening with expert Granny

Art Project


The challenge is to visualize the bigger picture and create a collaborative masterpiece from many separate, small canvasses. Participants will work into sub-teams collaborating to create an inspired part of a giant artwork. Once united, the canvasses form a giant mural, the “Big Picture” which is the ultimate result of common efforts

Duration: 1,5-2h
Group size: 10-400 max
Key Competencies: Teamwork - Effective communication - Continuous improvement

Be inspired by popular artist on how to turn creativity as a valuable way for communication.

Rib Adventure


Treat your team with a movie like experience! State of the art inflatable boats will drop you to the island of choice. Using a navigation app you will plan your own route coming across the unexpected on your way and encountering unforeseen challenges that you will need to handle with creativity and an open mind. Core message and inspiration of this challenge is that “The journey, Not the destination matters”.

Duration: Half day
Group size: 10-100 max
Key Competencies: Leadership - Creative thinking - Fun

Island overnight in tents, beach bbq and party


Reward your corporate team in a meaningful way with a multi-activity annual corporate fair where their whole family will be invited. Sports tournaments, team building challenges, interactive games, kids entertainment, bbq and a cocktail party guaranteed to sky rocket your staff morale and enhance their sense of belonging to your corporate family.

Duration: Half day or full day
Group size: 40-1500 pax

Father and son-mother and daughter contests, theme food stands with national cuisines, kids animation for younger ages.


CSR programs and team building with a cause that are engaging, boost morale and strengthen team bonds while giving back to the community in a tangible and meaningful way. Run for Charity, Build a Bike, Refurbish a School, operate a Lemonade Fundraiser, Plant Trees or custom your own unique concept together with our expert team while helping people who need it the most.

Duration: 2,5-3h
Group size: 10-300 pax
Key Competencies: Teamwork - Adaptability - Interpersonal skills

Famous artist to work together with your team and contribute to the common cause, “charity of the year” umbrella concept consisting of an assortment of charitable actions throughout the year.



Eat, Cook, Drink, Bond. Our culinary team building programs and corporate cooking classes are some of the most popular and effective employee bonding experiences. A professional chef and Bartender teach team how to cook a full menu or prepare a delicious Cocktal. The team presents its newly acquired cooking skills by preparing the menu wit in a set time. The menu includes classes, challenges, tours , alcohol... or not and unique dining experiences. Each is designed to nourish minds and hearts as well as bodies.

Duration: 2-3h
Group size: 10-150 prs
Key Competencies: Creativity - Teamwork - Time management

Photography, customized recipes, masterclass


Olympic-inspired events for teams including real sports such as javelin and archery and competitions including running and swimming. The games can be customized to have opening and closing ceremonies and to have teams all compete in the same event at the same time, or rotate to event stations. Medals, an Olympic banner, and theme music are also available. Pricing depends on number of participants, location, length, and how the event is scripted.

Duration: 2-3h
Group size: 10-500 prs
Key Competencies: Teamwork - Athletic spirit - Fun

Olive wreath, photography, certificates

Spy games

Our signature collection of bespoke team building events organized in exclusive partnership with Spy Games UK. Inspired by the fascinating world of secret agents and international espionage, Spy Games guarantee to offer the ultimate experience to your corporate team.


Our most versatile event which may take place anywhere in the world, indoors or outdoors from 10 - 1000 participants and with the option to select from a range of 28 thrilling activities and win as many Spy Dollars as possible.

Duration: 2,5-4h
Group size: 10-1000 pax, ideal for large groups
Key Competencies: Teamwork - Communication - Flexibility - Out of the box thinking

Climbing Tower, Rocket Launch, Helicopter

Rescue Operation


Our ultimate experience tailored to perfection to boost high performance and offer authentic thrill in a realistic simulation mission. You will be trained from your SWAT leader and fully equipped with your SWAT kit including helmets, assault vests etc. Our expert team of instructors with Special Forces backgrounds guarantee a fun and exiting day in a professional and controlled way.

Duration: 2,5-4h
Group size: 10-100 pax
Key Competencies: Leadership - Problem Solving - Crisis Management - Teamwork

Rib Boats, Helicopter, Professional Actors


Treat your team with a movie like experience! State of the art inflatable boats will drop you to the island of choice. Using a navigation app you will plan your own route coming across the unexpected on your way and encountering unforeseen challenges that you will need to handle with creativity and an open mind. Core message and inspiration of this challenge is that “The journey, Not the destination matters”.

Duration: 2,5-4h
Group size: 10-100 pax
Key Competencies: Creative thinking - Time management - Strategy - Communication skills

Mix and match means of transportation (donkey, segways, helicopters), professional actors to boost the experience, rib boats

Evening Spy Challenge


Add a cosmopolitan flair to your corporate dinner and create interaction, communication and a fun flair without disrupting the dinner service. Tables transform into teams competing in challenges such as code breaking, safe cracking , mystery photo and cocktail making. Τhe evening peaks with on stage head to head finale coordinated by our head Spy.

Duration: 20min-1h
Group size: 10-500
Key Competencies: Fun - Teamwork - Creativity

Casino Royale, branded Spy dollars with your company logo


A Suspicious Death, Special Forces, Police, Espionage, Secret Service, Drugs, Forensics, Firearms, Corruption, Deceit, Bribery, Intrigue and lots of laughter… An all-inclusive event promoting a collaborative approach to resolving problems against ever changing time constraints and evolving situations.

Duration: 2,5-3,5h
Group size: 12 upwards
Key Competencies: Communication - Problem solving - Planning - Time management

Black light for secret messages decoding, bug hunt


Has your team got what it takes to survive? Can you and your team build a shelter to live outdoors, prepare and cook food on a fire or makeshift oven or even master night-time navigation? A fantastic survival team building event which can be tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Duration: flexible (from 3h to 24h where you sleep under the stars)
Group size: 10-150 pax
Key Competencies: Flexibility - Out of the box thinking - Crisis management

Crisis simulation, where the team needs to work together under pressure and utilize newly acquired skills, rib boats, helicopter evacuation.

Digital Events and Virtual Team Building

MTT Virtual Team Building and Digital Events boost your remote team morale in an innovative way. Unlike platform based games and ready-made solutions we are passionate about delivering a shared team experience even from a distance. Remote participants do actually work close together and collaborate efficiently while having the fun of their lives.


The ultimate fun challenge for your remote team combining multiple skills such as problem-solving, time management, out of the box thinking and effective collaboration. Participants works remotely however action takes place LIVE in an ACTUAL room which they watch from their cameras. Will you manage to break free?


Group Size: 8-50 pax


Inspired by the fascinating world of international espionage and secret agents we present a unique digital Spy challenge that will inspire and engage your remote participants. Your corporate team will join forces with MTT undercover agents guiding them on LIVE broadcast to accomplish their Mission and rescue a hostage kidnapped by villains. A realistic simulation guaranteed to boost your team’s adrenaline sky high!

Group Size: 8-50 pax

Secret Agent kit delivered at home!


Unleash your creativity, experiment and have fun in the most tasty virtual cooking challenge expertly guided by our professional Chef. Your team will attend an online Masterclass for three iconic dishes and then participants split into teams will cook them themselves and present their creations to the critics committee. As a Grand Finale all cooks will enjoy a fun virtual dinner all together accompanied by a complimentary bottle of wine.


Group Size: 10-300 pax

Cooking kit and a complimentary small bottle of wine delivered at home.


Fun, creativity, imagination and action in its maximum during this unexpected, digital team building challenge. Remote participants work in teams and improvise to create and take snapshots of as many variations of sports equipment as possible using simple materials found at home!


Group Size: 10-300 pax

A branded certificate of participation delivered to each participant.



Short 5 minute fun and quick “sports” challenges such as Basketball shots, ping pong bounces, Face the cookie, this Blows etc which lift up team spirit, and foster interaction, friendly competition and active involvement of your remote team.


Inspire your remote team to create a collaborative piece of Art working alone but yet all together to unite the pieces and for a unity. Using simple materials found at home participants will craft a unique creation that will be kept at your company as a happy memory and a symbol that teamwork is the essence and secret blend of strong organizations event in the most challenging time.


Group Size: 8-300 pax


Do you think you can dance? Have the fun of your lives with this amazing virtual team building activity requiring synchronization, active collaboration, creativity and top performance. Prepare your team choreography and get ready to present it on the virtual stage, competing for victory!


Group Size: 8-300 pax


Remote teams compete for the Oscars! Each team needs to collaborate effectively and orchestrate script writing, set and costume production, film shooting and music theme to come up with a creative film trailer. Trailers are presented to the plenary which votes for the top three in terms of creativity, innovation and effective teamwork.

Group Size: 8-300 pax


A hilarious online team bonding game actively involving all participants in a entertaining and relaxed way. Our presenter orchestrates a live show were teams compete in fun games while tram members unfold their artistic abilities in recognition games, pantomime, and singing and much more!


Group Size: 8-300 pax